Owned media is anything you create. That can be collateral (brochure/flyer) or digital (website/email newsletter). Living Pink makes sure each message you send out is well-branded, engaging and consistent.

When talking about advertising, many agencies say that their concepts are "disruptive" as if that's a good thing. Disruptive people are annoying.  Living Pink creates ads that are relevant.       

Social media is free in the same way that a puppy from the pound is free. You still have to care for it, feed it and make sure it doesn't bite anyone. That takes time and resources. Living Pink can provide that for you.





Media relations is all about the Three Cs - Content, Contacts and Creativity.  We take your content and make it newsworthy.

The right story for the right channel at the right time.

     Fun Facts

  • Makes a mean spaghetti and meatballs
  • Curates a 1,200+ album vinyl collection
  • Is a 3rd-degree judo brown belt

Welcome to Living Pink.



Vice President in Charge of Heavy Lifting, Glenn Buercklin has tons of experience in the creative field.  Blogs, print, social, broadcast and video are a few areas of passion for this guy.



An award-winning advertising/PR diva, Jodie Spears can do it all. She's the straw that stirs the Living Pink drink.

Fun Facts

  • Authored a children's book at the age of 10
  • Interviewed Mister Rogers
  • Is formulating plans to replace water in municipal systems with chocolate